Thursday, October 19, 2006

The confidence to start.

Ironically, its taken a long time to gather the confidence to create this blog. Questions like who the hell are we to write, who will listen and what will come of it were finally put to rest as the project began to take form.
We came to the conclusion that one does not have to be a scholar or have letters beside their name to have a great idea, intelligent point or worthy conversation. Anyone can share and in a world quickly turning inwards, sharing is exatly what is needed on a much larger scale in order to reinforce the reality that we are an ecostsyem that relies on one another for continued growth and regeneration.
Over the next few days this blog will take shape and hopefully open the doors to intelligent conversation which will encourage people to think... and then act. Its not a call to arms by any stretch, its a call to utilize more brain power and effort throughout our own daily lives.
If the information & perspectives inside this blog help someone learn, gain the confidence or live a fraction of a measure of a better life, it has been a success.

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