Sunday, October 29, 2006


We name holidays, streets and boulevards after them. We come out to their funerals and line up for city block after city block. We study them in our history classes; Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Lady Diana, Elvis etc. They were people who inspired us, moved us, often by going against the grain of what they 'had to do'.

They were characters but not actors / actresses.

The world doesn’t need any more extra large glass wearing 'chicks' working on their appearance instead of their self confidence.
The world won’t miss another faux-hawk sporting 'dude' with an undershirt underneath and old t-shirt and boxed toe white puma’s trying to look cool instead of being warm.
The world doesn’t need one more hold-em playing, car leasing, msn’ing, job swapping, soul selling individual trying to “get theirs” Hollywood is full!

The world could stand to employee millions of people with manners and values.
The world could use a few hundred more philanthropists.
The world has room for thousands of mothers, fathers, teachers and mentors who want to be hero’s & heroines.
The world can accommodate educated, loyal contributors.
The world could make space for independent thinkers (people).... instead of (sheeople).

The world needs more characters with character
Apply Within!

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