Monday, October 30, 2006

No More DRAMA.

We simply cannot ignore the pervasive attitude society has taken towards blowing things waaayyyy out of proportion before we think of arriving at an intelligent decision at how to curtail the nonsense. We must step outside our ‘short term thinking’ paradigm and understand the universe would be an incredibly simple & enjoyable place to reside if it were not for the human propensity to screw it up.

The following are three easy steps to keep drama at arms length from yourself, hence… make your life easier.

1. Step off your pedestal from time to time and look at what’s happening around you.

Many of us are too wrapped up in our personal journey's to realize the realities of the world depend on co-existence. Lack of education has a strong hand in this as we are being slowly brainwashed through the 'branding of the self' to believe that we must get somewhere else, at the expense of something / one else. Have we heard from anyone who's arrived 'there'? Do we want to be like them? As the 'me vs. we gap' widens, and the opportunity to socialize decreases, we will produce even more introverts and that is not healthy. Life is meant to function through a collaboration between species living together in a natural balance. Thinking we are more important than we are, distances us from reality while taking ourselves off that pedestal enables us to remain where we belong.... with each other. When we finally realize that we are not that different or special (we are ALL salespeople), we will gather a comparative perspective that we need.

We all have situations, issues and baggage to deal with (minor, significant, personal & professional). We also need to decrease the time spent analyzing and talking about them with people who can't help us and share them with people that can. Start the process by putting your life in perspective. Find out the behaviors your like about you and those you don't. Trace the origin of both. In the case of undesirable behavior, confront the problem or recognize the reasons - deal with them… and then move the hell on. Break the cycle of wallowing in self-pity and wondering 'why oh why' we were dealt the hand we have. This thinking perpetuates personal drama. Getting a shitty hand is one thing, keeping it is another and there is no mystery as to why truly successful people (by any right) focus on the solutions rather than the problems. Speedy results.

2. Establish a base set of positive principles for yourself and don’t deviate from your formula.

Set some time for introspection and find out what matters to you, void of anyone else’s ‘agreements’. When you set personal parameters for tolerance, attitude & outlook, you will find yourself amongst like - minded thinkers while withdrawing from those on a different plan. This is great and can be looked at as a personal mantra or house rules.

These rules can be flexible and adaptable to change at any point along the road. The trick is to avoid the webs of drama, strategically placed to snare you by insecure, low esteemed co-habitants who need someone to a) validate their shitty outlook or b) commiserate with. We must create better systems for developing self - esteem throughout all ages of our society in a hurry. If we are removing things like sports, team and group interaction and promoting ‘me’, this will cripple our children’s ability to facilitate and co-operate. The fact that so few of us are hesitant to try new things, as we get older is a testament to buying into someone else’s s dramatization of that event. Again, this is learned and not innate. Resisting the temptation to be herded into our pre destined echelons and do what we ultimately want to do, with a high degree of responsibility will keep us ‘open’ to experiencing those things that contribute to our growth. In the event you do feel yourself being dragged down the path of negativity, throw down the anchors (fast) and get back on your positive plan. There is too much negativity distributed throughout our daily lives, which needs to be balanced with a positive people, on purposeful plans. This starts with you. The reality is that it is a simple choice btw both attitudes.

3. Avoid information outlets designed to profit from dramatization.

Television should consist of three channels, education (learning, documentary, history, discovery), sports, and news (good news). when you pump c.n.n (continually negative news) to people don't be surprised when the little boy (lacking the same esteem & attention) see's the results of a school shooting (and a boy he can identify with) and pick's up a gun. When we celebrate the bachelor, the survivor, the temptation, the blind date and the american idol, we are in effect endorsing stupidity. All shows are created with an angle to make them interesting and dubbed ‘reality television’. Are we ‘real-ity’ that ignorant? No we are not and they are not interesting. Bombard the public with negative, berating, cynical garbage and they will become a mass of nay saying, classless, poor attitude skeptics. There is no mystery surrounding that correlation. We don’t need to launch a study. We do need to surround our children and ourselves with positivity at every opportunity and if television has become the medium of exercise for the minds, it is even more important to make the appropriate selections. Similarly magazines and newsprint must clean up their acts.

Preying on one of humans worse traits 'fascination with disaster', they feed us exactly what we want: death, destruction, failure and suck us in through fear. 'buy this and you will be safe', 'don't do this and you won't die' all.. Ironically in the same issue articles entitled 'we have to put a stop to bullying' & ' dictatorship is not an option' are endorsed. Are we noticing the irony? We must start relaying literature that fosters hope, light and positivism and control the amount of drama we let flow into our space through our chosen information outlets.

We have the capability to do this.

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