Friday, October 20, 2006

Not Seeing is Believing!

On the way home from riding the most beautiful scenery on the planet [Moab Utah], we asked ourselves how we would up the riding ante at home. "Neds Night Ride" was the consensus.
To give you a perspective of what Neds Night Ride enatils, place a 20% light-permiable-blind over your eyes and head down the street as quickly as possible..... on your bike. Were we nuts?
The ride started with a 30 minute climb up Old Buck, up the powerlines and up the connector to Neds. When we arrived at the top of Neds trail (on our cross country mountain bikes), we commented on how a) downhill bikes, b) armour and c) going last were all good ideas.
With hindsight wisdom in check, we went careening down wooden ladders, 2-3 foot drops, over wet roots and slippery rocks only to come out the bottom unscathed and full of adrenaline. (We bypassed some of the larger "jumps" and the main wooden ladder!). Perhaps even more entertaining was cycling full speed down Hyannis trail out onto the main road and then racing the Empress reroute.
Reflecting on the feat at Seymours pub we began the discussion of having increased confidence due to the fact we could not actually see some of the drops we were taking in advance, which minimized the fear factor. Relating to life, its ironic how many risks we don't take beacuse we don't go into it blind. So many times, we develop our inability to trust (ourselves and others) beacuse of what we do see. We take the information from that sense and translate it into a stereotype / notion in our heads based on history & experience. But what if we couldn't see it? Could we tell what was Coke or Pepsi? Would we chose the "hot chick" or "hot guy" over the "ugly duckling"?
We hear of people who are blind accomplishing remarkable feats and it stands to reason they do so by utilizing many of their other senses. During the decent, it became clear just how many other senses were necessaary to complete the ride without injury. Not being able to see everything forced us to TRUST.
Its not ironic that when we search for 'true meaning' and 'answers' we usually do so with our eyes closed beacuse often what we see is not what we really need / want or get.

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