Friday, November 17, 2006

DON'T..... be "the one".

A few weeks back we sent a simple communication to customers randomly thanking them for remaining loyal to our business. One would think such a gesture would be embraced positively and by-in-large, it was. Raving fans and great people will do that. Super rewarding feedback.

....and then there’sthe one’.

Ya... you sure are special,
Can't wait to hear from you,
Know its comming

You know….

1. That one person in the crowd who seeks any inkling of opportunity to be heard.
2. That one person who lay’s on the horn when you have accidentally passed through the yellow. 3. That one person who is all over you when you have made an honest mistake & won’t let it go.
4. That one person who’s gonna sue everyone bcs they spilled hot coffee in their laps while driving and 'didn’t realize it was hot'.
5. That one person at the hockey game drunk yelling profanities as you sit there with your kids.
6. That one person who plugs themselves into you every day and tries to sap the very life from you for their own personal charge.
7. That one person who is so miserable in their own situation, they can’t bear to think there is positive hope in the rest of the world.
8. That one person who shows up at school and tries to fight their asshole kids battles for them
9. That one person who’s very sniveling, whining, loud, rude, me, arrogant negative attitude makes the hair on the rest of our necks stand out.
10. That one person who jumps on the reply and says ‘don’t send me this shit, I am not interested in it’ and nothing's ever good enough.

One person… [and you know exactly who you are: 1-10], advice from the “others”.

Shut the fuck up. will get a chance to speak
2. you will make it through the interstection
3. nobody's perfect
4. coffee is hot, wet floors are slippery, accidents are 'accidents'
5. ref's dont' change the call, players don't play better bcs you swear.
6. no hookups here, get your own power.
7. there are tons of happy people on the planet. deal.
8. your kid likely learned to behave like a loser from from you.
9. contrary to what you think, we don't want to hear from you.
10. don't let that UNSUBSCRIBE option... fool your dumb ass.

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