Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't forget to remember.

I got the call from a good friend. He planned to take his three year old down to the legion and volunteer to distribute poppies. Seemed like as time went by, fewer veterans were able... or even alive to honor their comrades and preserve the memory. No hesitation... we were in.

For our children, Rememberance Day would be much more than "another day off in British Columbia". It would be a time to pay hommage and thanks to those who gave their lives. I know, seems idealistic, yet the one place we are guaranteed to be every Nov 11th at 11:00 a.m. is at the local Rememberance Day celebration. There's no band wagon in this household, we think it's the bare minimum we can do.

The boys living great grandfather served in the war. Immigrated to this country, changed his name, started a printing business and then picked up a weapon no questions asked and sailed half way around the world to fight so we could live as we do. He's a man of few words but every one of them hits the mark. I think if you serve in a war, you deserve to say as much or as little as you want and not give a shit about anyone else thinks. Sometimes, I wish more people said less in my own interactions.

For those who do not make the effort to educate their children on the significance and magnitude of Rememberance Day, let me paint the picture of an 87 year old vet, with two hearing aids who's wife is by his side, (yelling the reason we are there). He looks on into a place few of us would ever know, yet alone send our children - brothers - sisters or friends and half smiles. He takes a young hand in his wrinkled trembling hand an whispers. .....Thank you.

Let's call a spade a spade, fewer people would enlist today than those 40 & 50 years ago. As much as part of it is our ability to utilize diplomacy, the diminishing reality is the fact that courage and honor die each year one of these veterans pass along and are not replaced proportinately.
  1. Teach your children the value of those two words
  2. Educate why its necessary to pay respect to those who died for our freedoms
  3. Remember, to honor Rememberance Day year, after year, after year. It's more than another day to live our "lifestyles".

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