Monday, November 06, 2006

Google Search

Search Your Soul

A quick search via of the words “consumer report” will yield 5,100,000 sites available to the enquirer. A hefty number indeed for what can best be described as a search for information on material goods or services.

A similar search on the very same of the words “environmental report” will yield only 1,350,000 sites to access.

There is nearly a 4 to 1 difference between what we as a population are searching for and websites we could use to educate ourselves on impending or current world issues.

Searching for “consumer complaints” showcases yet another 2,000,000 plus sites where one can either process or pursue their problems with businesses and products.

Now I realize that there are millions of ways using to make the number of available websites appear favourable so a point can be illustrated but the fact remains more and more of the population cares about and believes they are consistently being ripped off. More and more of the population is spending time finding out what others, who aren’t necessarily experts, think about products. More and more people are spending vast amounts of resources and time to report problems and effectively whine about businesses and consumables. More and more people are also sounding off behind an anonymous veil of a web name or nickname [but that’s another story for another day].

While the improprieties of businesses of all kinds drift through the collective psyche of especially our first world nations there is considerably less mental effort being put towards solving major world issues like environmental sustainability or empowering a lost generation of single parent children.

Wake up people. You are not being ripped off. You are not being hard done by and you are not what you own. The only thing you should be responsible for is your integrity and what you stand for.

The irony of a population consumed by what it buys and discards is not lost on Mother Nature or those that continue to swim up stream.

You are not what you own. You are not what you buy. You are responsible for what you purchase and how you use your time. You are responsible for what you believe and what you leave behind. Don’t sell your integrity and buy into a culture of greed.

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