Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kyoto Translation : We couldn’t give a shit.

Unbelievable weather hey? Middle of November, and we have record high temperatures, a funny little Pineapple Express and flooding right after the largest drought this province has had in DECADES? Remember the days where you would listen to your grandparents comment "you know... 20 years ago we saw this great flood where...." Well now a days, we archive those life- altering events as recently as LAST YEAR.

When I read the powers that be were going to revisit the Kyoto Accord in 2050, it became blatantly obvious we would need to increase our personal attention to doing what we could do to limit Greenhouse emissions. Subtle things like using a smaller car instead of a large one for day- to- day travel, cycling more and recycling as well as cutting down on what happens around our house and work.

Although, some people laughed, we were proud that we at least took a stance and a started in the right direction. The fact this has been brushed under the carpet, especially by the major super powers is embarrassing and frightening at the same time. What we don’t realize, is the proven fact that mother nature will find a way to balance out the discrepancy pertaining to supply and demand. Rashly and quickly! If you have not noticed it happening, wake up. It's become much more than a bunch of hypochondriacs spouting off.

Strange thing about human nature is that we will all scramble to the theatres to see Al Gore's movie on global warming an spread rave reviews... oh yes, uh huh, wow... followed by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING bcs really it is an inconvenient truth hidden by the fact ca$h is king. If we really thought of the implications on the generations, we might be forcing someone to do something now. Statistically speaking, the greatest period of destruction is from 1970 to present, exactly the year I was born. Thinking about my epitaph, born 1970, over-consumed, left the world a shitty place for you.

That’s not ‘good enough’ for me.
That's not 'good enough' for you either.

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