Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Spreading common sense on the grassy noll

If we took two pieces of literature, one written by someone with small letters after their name and another without, who would we be more inclined to trust? Exactly... but the question is, is that always the right decision? Does studied knowledge rival life experience? Do booksmarts overshadow streetsmarts and does common sense always take a back seat to analysis?

So many times, we [swimupstream] hear the undertone of 'sounding preachy... better be careful" and although we have evolved to stop caring about what those who prefer not to swim upstream think, its imporant to convey the message of humility to those who do care.

We are not preaching from the pulpit. Instead we prefer to think of ourselves as bantering from the grassy noll. Our commentary is heartfelt and we are passionate about one thing and one thing only. SHARING. Our combined commentary comes from a) experienced challenges - adversities & victories b) what we see - hear - do and teach on a daily basis. Instead of gathering together and ripping people while becoming grumpy old men at 30, we decided to channel our energies in a positive direction and create a forum of thought provoking information for people who may share those views.

If you are a regular subscriber to swimupstream, chances are you log on religiously because you enjoy hearing the daily anecdotes and take something from the "opinions expressed". Will you agree with everything... We sure as hell hope not, yet their inlies the purpose of swimupstream. Stimulating our brains to "think" differently while offerring a forum for communication.

Most blogs are one dimensional - 1 person, 1 view and after awhile [yawn]. Swimupstream rests on the foundation of t.e.a.m. If you ever have an article, idea, or something you want to get off your chest, let us know... and we will post your ideas [warning... there is an approximate 3 week draft wait list right now].

You may not find anyone on our panel with a Harvard doctrite, or even tiny letters scribbled after their name, but by the same token you will be hard pressed to find a swimupstream member who a) takes themselves too seriously, b) thinks their above the crowd or c) doesn't hold the most important credential of all. A bachelor of common sense.

Feel free to use swimupstream fertilizer to keep your lawn green for years to come!

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