Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Step Out of Your World

In the first snowy week of the year, it was another reminder on how selfish human beings of this world have become. Let me explain.

I was driving home from work the other day and as I approached the only street to my residence I realized that it was backed up quite some ways. As I waited patiently, I listened to the disgruntled low-patient individuals’ blare their horns from the frustration at the unknown reasoned wait. Slowly, the vehicles before me began to creep down the road while still honking their horns. As the traffic progressed forward, I began to realize that the cause of this stall in traffic flow was due to a car that had been driving up the road and got stuck in the surrounding ice and snow. One by one vehicles swerved around a man who was attempting to push his car out from the snow by himself. If anyone was actually thinking to themselves (and not about themselves) it would be apparent that it isn't easy to push your car out of the snow by yourself with no one in the driver seat...and honking your horns while watching him do it, is not going to help matters!

So, without hesitation I pulled over to the side of the road and offered my assistance in resolving his problem. For about 10 minutes the two of us struggled to try and free his car. In the end, the two of us could not free his car from the slippery slope, however, not once would I have second guessed my decision or thought of it as a waste of time. Taking the 10 minutes to try and get his vehicle removed was the least that I could do. But those ten minutes were a disturbing ten minutes. Not because we failed to get his car removed from the bank of snow but because it was obvious how self-centered people are these days. To have to listen to people honk their horns (purely sparked by their own annoyance) at the reduced traffic speeds was pathetic. Not to mention that not a single person of the 20 cars that I drove beside/in front of/behind took a couple minutes out of their day to help someone in an uncontrollable situation. In case you are unaware, it is not his fault that his car was stuck in the snow!

That said,

It is not about reducing your frustration when traffic gets backed up.
It is not about putting your life on hold to help anyone and everyone.
It is not about being a hero and doing it for recognition.
And it is definitely not just about YOU!

It is about thinking and acting outside of your own world…because you just never know when you are going to be the next one that is stuck in the snow and is looking for a helping hand.

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