Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tackling a Mountain

A challenge – yes! So is anything else that you might find difficult. Life is full of challenges whether you like it or not. Thus, the attitude you bring towards any challenge, whether it be small or large will determine if and how you overcome those challenges and what you learn from them.
  • Build a team – surround yourself with similar people such as friends, family, co-workers, peers, etc. that have a common set of values and have a real interest in your success and you will get to base camp.
  • Set clear and realistic goals – it doesn’t matter if you are the first to arrive at the top, just as long as you get there when you are supposed to.
  • Know yourself - understand there is something for everybody. If one mountain is not for you, look for another mountain to climb.
  • Be commited – nothing significant is achieved without commitment and dedication towards that one goal. If and when you can involve others in that commitment, it can make the difficult possible. without commitment, it will be difficult to make it half way.
  • Bring the right attitude – your attitude is the real determinant of your ability to achieve your goals in life. It is not only about the physical strength that you require to climb any mountain it is about the 80% mental that is required to withstand the weather.
  • Fight through adversity – when faced with an overwhelming challenge, don’t back away. Try to break it down into a series of smaller achievable challenges and conquer it, one step at a time. don't focus on the summit focus on your daily targets.
  • Understand things take time – Mt Everest isn’t climbed in a day so why should any other mountain be. You can’t do everything at once, in the first day in a career, or the first year in a relationship. Take on what you can carry, ask for help on the rest and then as you gain experience and strength, slowly increase the load you carry in life.
  • Ask for help – don’t let your attitude and ego prevent you from reaching the peak. There is hardly anything you can't do if you have the proper support systems. If you experience a snowstorm on the way, utilize the team that you have constructed to get you through what you couldn’t alone.
  • Keep your perspective - when times get difficult and you feel that you are carrying all the troubles in the world, understand you are not the only one and others carry loads too.
  • Remember your passion - you may have the best equipment, most diverse team, and most information to tackle the challenge but you can always be out-played and out-performed by someone with more passion than you.
  • Take a moment - take the time to reflect on previous accomplishments and utilize them as a foundation for building the confidence required to accept future challenges.
  • Remain humble - never forget the lessons learned and that you are no better or worse than the person you are climbing beside, infront of, before, etc.

Life is about creating yourself - pick a mountain and climb it!

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