Thursday, November 23, 2006

Take The Time

When was the last time you were here?

This image is one of many "postcard images" to be enjoyed right in our our Canadian backyard (or anywhere you live, for that matter) if we were only to take the time. The reason most of us don't take the time is because we are caught up in the rat race, and cannot see the forest through the trees, let alone our 8X8 cubicles.

Important to mention that you don't need a cubicle job to be considered part of the rat race, and just because you work in such a typical office setting doesn't mean you subscribe to "rat race mentality". Enter the concept of taking a step back from the grind (taking the time), or stepping outside the routine of the mundane to find your inner (or outer) oasis. The point of today's entry is that if we don't make time, we don't make much of a life for ourselves or our circle of family and friends.

We are all busy. That's not only a fact it is a blatant understatement. We need to be busy to keep up with the ever-changing world of business, culture, and basically- a rapidly evolving society. The thing is, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Someone could invent a way to help anyone live forever, and we will still need to go to work the next day, we will still need to pay the gas bill, teenagers will still disobey their parents, and the sun will probably still come up tomorrow.

The point is, amidst all the rapid change, if we allow ourselves to go on 'autopilot', we coast through life waiting for the next promotion or job offer, waiting for the kids to graduate and move out of the house and start a family of their own so that we can pass along the exact same circle to them. Or we can take the time... to question where we are headed, to question who is along for the ride and who is helping us navigate in our lives (ie are we being inspired or dragged down by our friends?).

Take the time to enjoy the simple things like a sunset or a rose or a tranquil scene like the one above...
to plan exactly what we want out of life and how we will get there...
to comitt to living the life we want vs the life we inherit.

Everyday we have a choice as to whether we will be mediocre or a success. That choice is vested in simply doing those things that help move you forward to your goals. Doing those things you have to everyday helps move your boss(es) to his or her goals, and often does very little to move you to your own. That is, unless you have already taken the time and ensured that your job is one that you are passionate about and that improves your life.If you haven't already, take the time today to examine the state of your relationships, your job, your spiritual life, etc. Define goals for each of these and other areas, and ask if you are moving ahead or not. If you are not, make a change so that you are moving forward.

The only way you will know if you are headed in the right or wrong direction is to take the time and ask. One important to question to ask when you do take the time is whether or not you are running in the rat race. If so, who's fault is it? Hint: It is never your bosses fault.
Take the time- discover you have a choice. And then damn well do something about it!

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