Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Taking It For Granted

Taking It For Granted

It really is amazing how the world has a way of making you remember that your life isn’t the centre of the universe. We are reminded how our life is really quite insignificant and that what we do doesn’t really matter a whole heck of lot in the grand scheme of things.

Sure, we talk of leaving a legacy and making the most of your time on this planet but on a day to day basis it doesn’t really matter what you do or don’t do. There is a lesson here that isn’t meant to sound harsh or depressing but rather insightful.

Most will read the statement ‘it doesn’t really matter’ and bring their own drama and baggage to bear on these simple words. There will be many who get disturbed and many who feel powerless because they feel these words mean that they don’t matter or that nobody cares. But there are a few great people, people that understand their own great power that will actually lift the edges of their lips and just grin because that is the secret.

It doesn’t really matter.

No baggage. No drama. No problems.

Power is in understanding that your successes are just things that happened just the same as the never ending failures that the world is constantly reminded of. None of them really matter. You are who you are and the bigger picture is that you are still alive today to do pursue a great life and the passion inside you. You are here to create endless possibilities and what you have done or haven’t done…doesn’t really matter.

You can create power through understanding this and you can lose power by thinking your past moves define you. Or you can succumb to believing you don’t control your next move. If people perceive you a certain way, that is generally their baggage coming to haunt them. They see you how they want to see you. It needn’t affect you because this second, this very second, you hold the ability to be who you want to be. You have the power.

Sometimes it just takes a reminder from a world that is so big and so incredible. Last night in a fairly bad snow storm we had a power outage that lasted about eighteen hours. Without any of the creature comforts that I am used to our family had to abort its normal schedule and just deal with the basics of warmth and food. In this moment I was reminded that what I was doing at the bank, for Christmas presents and at work really didn’t matter.

I was reminded of my insignificance and it gave me great hope because it also reminded me that I have the power to start fresh every single day if I so choose. I have the power to strive for the stars because at the end of it all whether I succeed or fail won’t really matter.

While I am here I might as well enjoy every second and not waste any on the baggage. Why don’t you join me; after all, to me it doesn’t really matter how you do.

But it might to you……..

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