Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tales From The Crypt: Money Is Everything

Before you go to work even one more day, you had better read this and make sure you are getting yours. All over the world, we are seeing the exponential growth of big business, and the associated opportunities being created for 'the little guy'. Yes, my friends, the streets are truly paved with gold these days. Whether it's the oil and gas or construction business in Calgary, Real Estate and property development in Vancouver, telecommunications in Toronto, tourism expansion across Canada and the United States, or any business in Dubai, business is booming! So where do we start to see why this blog has a sarcastic title?

Simple. In the interest of treating jobs or careers as commodities to be traded up once the getting is good, we are killing 'the little guy'; not giving him opportunity. By chasing the almighty dollar, and recruiting based on this sole purpose...

Restaurants in Calgary are closing because they cannot afford to a) pay or hire the right staff and b) remain open with staff and charge reasonable prices.

Gas stations are instituting rotational closures as they do not have enough staff who want to work. This job is seen as 'beneath them'.

Other industries have to raise their salaries in order to remain competitive. Then they raise prices. Welcome to the inflationary spiral. You get a 10% raise to fight 15% inflation.

Young people are graduating university, college, and even high school with unrealistic expectations of what they should earn and there is a huge diconnect with the work they feel needs to get done to deserve said inflated salary. Simple end result: we are creating a culture of spoiled gimme gimme babies who want but won't work, and we are driving inflation, unemployment, and homelessness through the roof.

But make sure you get yours. Don't settle for a career you are passionate about or an opportunity to help people: make sure your job is going to pay you enough to afford that boat you never get a chance to use because you'll be working too much.

Make sure your car is nicer than your neighbors, and that you beat him or her hands down with your house and the art inside it too- but don't bother getting to know them or make friends, because everyone else is messed and it's not you.

Next, tell your old boss to fuck off because they obviously don't get it. If they challenge your growth, support you, and ask how your day was, but don't pay you enough, they're wrong and you should have the world coming to you.

You know what else, you've got bills of your own and you're busy- screw those charities everyone is trying to get you to donate to. Focus on getting yours, make more money, buy more shit, and then everything will be better.

Who says you can't buy happiness? Look at how miserable poor people are. Get Yours.

One last thing. If you found the sarcasm and agreed and beleive that self fulfillment, helping others, and leading a happy, rewarding life everyday are important- rock on and I hope you have a lot of kids and pass on those exact ideals.

If you read this and said "yeah, I AM owed this and that, when is my break?" you have again missed the point. Getting people to subscribe to negativity is like agreeing that Elizabeth Hurley is attractive. Get an original thought. Be different and inspire or shut up. Go spread your negativity and selfishness elsewhere, we're all stocked up on this side of the fence.

If you agree that money is everything it's because YOU'VE GOT NOTHING.

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