Monday, December 18, 2006

And the purple heart goes to…

The hero who kicked my son and I off the school ground while we tried to play catch today. Thank god I had my digital, because it’s tough to define the word moron to a 5 year old. Today you were “the one”.

You were that person who has to make themselves feel validated by imparting your authority over those with ‘lesser power’. Power-trippers rock! I just love them. You know, when you make an honest mistake or you have an honest question and you get the ‘TUDE’ from the person who rolls their eyes and treats you like a criminal.

You probably learned it from your boarder patrol buddies, or maybe a campus security officer. Could have ripped a page from the book of some city clerk, regardless... I have some advice.

Get over yourself.

Don’t get me wrong I understand your work. You are compensated to keep people in line and I can respect that. What I don’t respect is a) the JOY you take when some of us inadvertently crosses that line or b) creating a line because you think you can. Newsflash Francis we are not all terrorists, we are not all litigiously motivated, we are not all trying to sneak in something for nothing… and there are times when you need to think before you start belching diarrhea from of your mouth.

Sunday morning, 9 a.m. 2 square acres, a 5 year old and his father playing catch with tennis balls on a public school that we live across the street from (meaning, we pay taxes and contribute to)… marching out onto the field yelling and screaming like we are setting of fire works? Please. Tone it down a little Rambo. Predictably, we knew you would be too lazy to come out twice… and returned to play 15 minutes later.

For those in positions of influential power and control, use it to positively educate others instead of opportunistically branding yourself. That goes for you too New York Nicks, Cavaliers and Terrell (jackass) Owens.

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