Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Demonstrate Respect

You might be one of those athletes, teenagers, employees, or students out there…that for one moment never take the time to stop and listen to yourself and think about the other side? Too many times you are so focused on yourself, you don’t even realize that you bitch and try to justify the things in your life that you have control over. Not only that, but you complain to the exact people [your coaches, parents, teachers, and employers] that are smarter and have more experience than you do – hence why they are in the positions that they are in.

As an athlete, you come to practice to find your coach already there setting up early and vary rarely leaving before you. You become aware that they are taking valuable time away from their friends, family, work, and outside life to teach something that they are passionate about....not to mention, make you better. Your coach always shows up [even when the soccer field is being covered in rain], and you never seem to have to fight for for their attention to listen to you and your problems. Yet, you never see the importance of showing up on time, listening to the feedback that is provided, or apply what is being taught. Instead you decide to do it your own way and end up fighting your own battle and losing the game. A suggestion - demonstrate some respect.

As a teenager, you grow up with a roof over your head, with food on the table, with a flexible 'taxi' service that picks you up and drops you off at all hours of the day, and with someone in your life that takes their pay cheque and devotes more than half of it towards what you need/want/do. Yet, you complain when asked to help out around the house, when you are given any added responsibility, when you have to abide by rules that are in place for your own good, and vary rarely value the efforts that they put forward. A suggestion - demonstrate some respect.

As an employee, at one point you were passionate about a position and applied for a job. Over time, something changed your attitude towards that position [9/10 times is due to your own change in expectations]. You complain about how tired you are, how expectations are set too high, how you don't get paid enough...and the list goes on. However you complain to a person that provides you with a job, writes you a pay cheque [that is on time every time and never with any excuse], that puts in 10x the hours that you have or do put in, has a hell of a lot more responsibility than you, and chances are doesn't get paid nearly what you think they do. You complain to the person that does everything that you do + more. A suggestion - demonstrate some respect.

As a student, you come to school and always seem to have a teacher that is there for your best interest and that takes the time to prep for every class to ensure that your own personal and educational growth is not limited. Your teachers are vary rarely late, they never make excuses why they forgot or lost your tests or assignments and they never are rude, disrespectful, or dressed inappropriately. Yet, you come to class with the intention not to listen, to make rude comments or gestures, to dress inappropriately, and even worse - skip class completely. suggestion - demonstrate some respect.

Ensure you take time to understand the devoted time, efforts, and reality of what these people do for YOU and how they contribute to your life. The least that you can give in return is the respect that they deserve for the help with your own success.

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