Monday, December 04, 2006

Hey Parents - Sack the Snacks!

Don’t know what do gooder geek brought this practice into effect.
Don’t know how the baton was passed to almost every educational vocation in the world.

Don’t know who the first volunteer of shared snack / snack pack / parents supply all the other kids with snacks was.

Don’t know what 5-10 year old North American kid is in danger of dehydration if they don’t drink and snack every frickin 10 minutes on the sporting field where they are ohhhh so taxed

… but it has to stop & here is why.

It is being abused as a diversion by both teacher / coach / parent and child.

Ever hear of the term emotional eating? Yup, that one where obese people who can't help it trace the origin of their over consumption to an ‘emotional need’. Well… let’s think of what happens each time a child cries, whines, acts out etc… and we shove a snack in their face to calm them down. Wonder where that’s leading? What do we think they learn?

1. 5yrs old - Hey, every time I am upset, I get a bagel and string cheese. Great deal. Not really hungry, but I get to stop doing what I’m doing instead of working through it. Pass the grub!

2. 25yrs old – Bad day, time to hit the fridge and calm down a little. Ah that really took the edge off. Tough day but I washed it down with some Za & Coke. Feel like shit now.

3. 40 yrs old – Oh that explains it, I have an emotional eating disorder where I always fall back on ‘comfort foods’.

… ya don’t say!

Now I am far from a nutritional expert and know there are many serious issues that contribute to eating disorders that can’t be generalized into this ‘snack phenomena’ but remember I do hold a bachelor of common sense which tells me that feeding skittles to your kids to get them to skate down the ice will not lead to something positive down the road. Like Scott said yesterday parents, back off the playing / educational surface and let your kids learn how to learn. If you really want them to understand what 75% of the real world is about, feed them NOTHING for one day.

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