Monday, December 25, 2006

live the moment, love the day!

twas the day of the birthday and all through the land
there was peace on the earth, all lending a hand
to make our home better, one mind at a time
unconditional loving, with reciprocity 'in kind'

those who were doubters, had machisimo to spare
live, laugh, and loving, without one single care
for this day is selfless, its not about us
the excitement of giving, the adrelalyn.. the fuss

we wish all days were like this one, paused in real time
when the takers and skeptics, had no chance to chime
their bullshit and baggage, stole away for one day
the innocence born into, allowed to 'be as it may'

hug the kids tightly, call friends, forget foes
cause today's not being spend, on the smallest of woes.
recal what's impprtant, to you on this day
and show thanks to that, in your special way

and take today forward, to tomororw... next week
bottle that feeling, let out and just tweak
cause there isn't one reason, this feeling can't ride
its just too much fun, to brush under and hide

this special day, no matter what you should do
is about giving to others, which brings the best out in you
don't wonder why, and for sure don't debate
how good it feels, and you can finally relate.

reflect on the great things, you have in your life.
free of oppression of loss and of strife
celebrate the birth of the god whome you choose
in celebrateing life, there's no one who lose.

from the subtle words posted, right to the extreme
a most merry christmas, from the swimupstream team.



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