Friday, December 08, 2006

major league "secret"

"how to you stay focused and so positive?" the "secret".... it's a choice. in fact its the exact same choice most people make to be unfocussed and negative.

that's right, the exact opposite things that go through your minds, "another day, i don't get paid enough, traffic sucks, i'm going nowhere, it's raining outside"... go through ours. "ah morning, still alive, time to rock it, etc." if you are reading this right now with an inch of skeptisism... you may be "that person".... again.

'that person' who looks at [insert successful anyone here, but lets use bill gates] and says, "ohhh what i would give to be him. i wonder what his 'secret' is?" "willie, tell us, what is your secret?" "no shit hey, you just did it? no-way, it couldn't have been that easy - you are lying! and you are lying because you are making fun of me. i may not be stinkin rich like you, but it doesn't mean i can't see a con job from a mile away. fricking liar, what an asshole. i just asked a simple question".

......and this is how it goes day in and day out. on one hand, an entire ecosystem wanting, emploring, begging people to step up to the plate and on the other, skeptics... who won't accept the batting practice and are critical of the coaching advice.

this happened in our business last week. the realization that we had an entire group of people sitting in the proverbial 'on deck circle' becuse they are too afraid to step up and hit at the plate. they stay in that on deck circle because their ego's won't allow them to stay in the dugout, (where its blatantly obvious they are not in the game), but also won't allow them to step up to the plate (fear striking out). so... there they are, beaking off in the on deck circle, thinking the 62 000 fans in the stadium don't see what they're doing and the coach & reast of the team doesn't realize they are not going up to the plate. they watch as others go up, and take swings. they make fun of those who strike out, the critisize those who hit the homers because they are trying hard "kiss asses"... and worse of all, they impart their baggage to influence others on their way to the plate. "stay here.. don't go up there... "we're safe here.... we're invisible.... we're in the game.... no one see's us".

wanna know another secret? we see you, you dumb twit.

because our collective success hinges on you stepping up to the very plate you brought yourself on this team to reach! shit we don't even care if you strike out. we do care that you start swinging! we've seen you a million times before, we will see you a million times to come. we know from the ages of 1-6 you leaned the words NO, MINE & CAN'T which started the basis of your mistrust, and then some gal broke your heart, your parents split, a pervert came onto you or a best friend left you in the dust which magnified your mistrust and now here you are, ready to tackle life in the real world with a jaded attitude but we have three words for you that take us right back to the beginning of this blog.


and our secret is our choice to use those three words instead of your three words and that's what enables us to hit the very home runs, that facilitate the very victories you aspire to have...

you want to know how to hit a ball? let go fo the fear, lay down the ego and get your ass up to the plate and swing the bat!

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