Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nature is Powerful

If you still haven't read "My Fellow Americans" - yesterday's post on Swimupstream...take a minute now to do so. The words in the slide show don't speak to me in the same way as the graphics. How has this happened? What can be done about this?

As I contemplated this epidemic throughout the night - one solution (not the only solution) came to mind. It is a solution driven by a shared passion of the Swimupstream team. Nature. Seems simple, I know, but let me explain. We have mentioned previously about the power of nature - as it dropped nearly a foot of snow on Vancouver this past week and more recently has covered Ottawa in freezing rain. In this way, we know that nature is powerful and can be forceful when she wants to be. Just look at the high altitude climbers and their respect for the weather on big mountains. But nature is powerful in other ways. Nature has the power to change us. It is peaceful. It is without distraction. It is beautiful. It is calming. It is massive. It is healing. It is spiritual.

We at Swimupstream all share a passion for nature and the restorative, regenerative, rejuvenating power that it holds. How we enjoy it though is unique to each of us. Here are some of the ways we and our families at Swimupstream enjoy nature:

1. Cycling & Running - whether it is in the mountains or on a quiet country road - the amount of nature that can be taken in is overwhelming.
2. Hiking - pack your lunch, take your family and go for a walk/hike in the nearest park to you.
3. Swimming - although swimming in a pool is great exercise, nothing beats swimming across a lake or off an isolated island.
4. Fishing - my summer favourite - nothing beats the peace of being on a lake alone at 7am and listening to the sound of a loon calling out to you.
5. Skiing, Snowboarding & Snowshoeing - going up or going down, whichever you prefer, experiencing nature in the winter is a must do.
6. Skidooing - this form of travel allows you to get more remote than you might ever think possible and see the beauty of completely untouched nature.
7. Camping - another great family activity that focusses on preserving and enjoying our surroundings.
8. Scuba Diving - nature is above sea level and below - take the opportunity to learn and enjoy mother nature's beauty in the water.
9. Sea Kayaking & Canoeing - plan a week-long trip via boat and you will quickly realize how beautiful nature can be
10. Travel - nature isn't unique to North America - plan to see the Alps, the Great Barrier Reef and everything in between.

These are 10 of the ways we enjoy nature. Try one, try them all. They are ways to fight the obesity epidemic. They are ways to find peace and healing. They are ways of prioritizing what is important in our life and what is not.

Enjoy nature - it is powerful!

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