Friday, December 22, 2006

the spectrum of intelligence

given the stellar examples of leadership we have seen across the woman of hollywood in 06, we've created a special sumthin sumthin to measure their aptitude. we call it the scale of stupidity.

on the left side of the spectrum is naive. naive is making a mistake when there was clearly no to little knowledge of this being a mistake. hey... we are all human and perfect doesn't exists. you equated money to happiness... uh uh.

in the centre of the spectrum is stupid. stupid is making the same naive mistake twice. yo.... THE ELEMENT IS HOT. member, first time you touched... big ring on hand. no touch. you are not attractive and we don't actually want to see your boobs or sex tapes. jeez paris, i'd rather dryhump a barbie doll.

at the far right side of the spectrum is ignorant. ignorant is planning to make a stupid mistake. i don't know, like.... getting our of a car without underwear on when the press is there. nice brittany.. wish i could have my moms @*!!&* on the news for all to see. classy... feelin really sorry for you. fire your agent / publicict / assistant / babysitter immediately and move back home till your 30.

now, young ladies that watch this debachery and scoop it up like its gospel. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go to your blockbuster video store and rent any movie made prior to 1990 that doesn't represent woman like the BIMBO's of 2006.

1. that's not what you are.
2. thats not what you are expected to be.
3. that's not what you should aspire to.

check out oprah or jane fonda to name a few examples of classy hollywood female role models! and think about this: if any of the 2006 "girls" [aka : bobblehead-stickfigures] didn't have money, would you be paying 10 seconds of attention to them?

no way.

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