Friday, December 15, 2006

surround yourself with great people.

my coach used to tell me: "go to the garbage and you get garbage". he was referring to nightclubs and the company i used to keep with "cool people"

its easy to get wrapped up in cool, but after 35 years, i find myself migrating towards warm. warm people are not easy to find, bcs for the most part, they are not looking to be found.

the 5 guys off swimupstream. connected by a commonality of passion for educating. its easy to speak with them, bcs we are immediately on the same wavelength, sometimes finishing each others sentences. these are 5 people i would answer the call for if need be.

our summer lake group. every summer (and now winter too) we get together with a great group of people. when we started, these people didn't even know eachother but every time we come away, they say "wow, what a great group of people, thanks for including us". they miss the fact they are great too, and that's why they are there. no ego's, kind, giving, humble and most importantly competative and fun! there are two dates i look forward to every year and its bcs of the people.

my tech friends. not geeky tech, rather brilliant tech. movie producers, directors etc. completely under the radar, completely humble and completely not like myself. listening to them speak, seeing them work, watching them create has opened up my eyes to a completely different realm.

so to all the great people i know... thanks for being great. to those who are fortunate to be surrounded by great people... thank them today for being them. you, like me, are fortunate!

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