Thursday, December 21, 2006

Time To Take Stock

Yes, it is almost Christmas...

That time of year when people get together as families and discuss how grateful they are to have each other, and how special everyone and everything is. This is all well and good, but we must also be open to the full experiance and the reality of others this holiday season (if not year round). That reality hit me twice this week; hard.

First: Slap in the face

Oh, I never cease to be amazed by stories like this one. One of our fair city's greatest humanitarians got her chance to shine this week. At a drive through coffee shop that will remain unnamed (for fear this womans' actions in any way affects the income of an innocent company), the human race took a step backwards. Frustrated that this particular cafe did not have the variety of scone she requested, this woman actually threw her piping hot coffee in the face of the poor employee at the drive in window. Yes, I am serious, and no this woman did not receive a public hanging.

Second: Kicked in the gut

Today I got a rare and beautiful opportunity to give out Christmas presents to children diagnosed with cancer. The 2 hours at the children's hospital oncology unit gave me a very different outlook on what life is really about. Do I have it so bad? Is traffic really that big a deal? When I saw a young boy exclain "Mom, I got a REAL basketball!" I had a big smile on my face, because I thought he liked the gift (though I feared he hadn't the energy to enjoy it). When I saw him hooked up to tubes in the hallway 10 minutes later dribbling the ball, I got kicked in the gut so hard I'm sure I went white. I almost burst into tears at the simplicity of his joy amidst the bleakness of his situation.

Third: (I hope) Kicked In The Ass

That's what people like our coffee chucking monster of a human being deserve after reading, hearing about, or seeing things like I've just described above. Next time you think about honking your horn at the guy in front of you (who is also in a traffic jam by the way, and feels the same way you do), think about what is really going on in your life, and how you have so much opportunity it is not even funny. Now think about seizing that opportunity daily... there are others who in your shoes would let nothing get in their way.

Take Stock of your life, and lead it as though you were diagnosed with cancer. Kids aged as young as 5 don't have as much choice as you or I. Are we using or losing that power?

Take Stock (evaluate where you are headed)
Make Talk (inspire others with your example).

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