Monday, January 01, 2007

Baccarat Crystal, Lump of Coal

No, we are not going to pin the deterioration of the household all on the husbands (referring to last Friday’s full wallet, empty house blog). Ladies, you have just as much responsibility for creating this mess.

For some it starts with the 1st fairy tale and the visions of prince charming sweeping you off your feat, whisking you away to the palace with all the trimmings and taking care of you for the rest of your life… well, times are a changin! It’s the 2000’s and Terrel Owens is writing kids books now so stop believing the hype. If you haven’t yet figured it out. MONEY aka : houses / cars / jewels / trips / clothes are no substitute for kindness / attention / support / self confidence or personal growth. Eventually, the lights fade and the party winds down.

In this day and age, you need to be able to mentally support yourself. You need to find out what you are good, have a purpose. At minimum you need stimulation and that comes from inside you. If you think its all too much and are about to quit your job so you can stop working and ‘take care of the kids’… talk to some of the woman who have spent their lives talking care of their kids… and husbands, and households, and travel plans, and homework, and day trips, and groceries, and chauffeuring and see what advice they give you. It would read something like STAY IN SCHOOL and here’s why.

Spending your life giving means little energy is spent taking (which is an essential human need). The moms who make the claim there is ‘no time for them’, fool themselves into thinking that “doing it for the children / house / husband / family” like it’s a benefit. Their instruction; ‘you have to eat this’, ‘behave like this’, ‘take care of this’ while exemplifying the exact opposite. Reminder, actions speak louder than words and if you are running around like a scrambled, on edge, frustrated idiot… your offspring will learn how to do & be the exact same. Balance is key.

My personal favorites are those who complain their husbands are always away, don’t pay attention to them or treat them like shit. Free advice:

GET A NEW HUSBAND… or ACCEPT THAT”S WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR and manage the fact you have an awesome life (sans husband) the best you can and raise your chitlins NOT to make that same mistake. Bitching to the rest of the woman at the country club isn’t going to help either… they are playing the SAME GAME. Talk with someone who isn’t. Talk to someone who is where you want to be. Or… as I eluded to, manage where you are the BEST you can each day.

Remember, a baccarat crystal in its true form is a rock from the ground. Its only because someone told you it meant something big that you were happy to mount that ‘rock from the ground’, on your finger. The truth about happiness, is that no one or no thing has a greater responsibility for your happiness than YOU.

That’s right, only YOU can decide to make YOU happy.

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