Friday, January 05, 2007

Be ALL IN, to get out.

Today, we are going to examine #5, of our top 10 bullshit phrases that should eliminated from our psyche, vocabulary and general practice.

1. Prevent defense
2. Show me the money
3. Terrel Owens
4. Upward mobility
5. Exit strategy
6. The American Dream
7. Equal opportunity
8. Bigger is better
9. Paris Hilton
10. Weapons of mass destruction

Yes, exit strategy. That infamous plan you start working on when you begin something… to get out of it with as much as you can. If that sentence didn’t make sense to you, its because the only thing more asinine than writing it is actually practicing it.

Listening to people speak about how they are setting themselves up for freedom 55 says one thing. They are not focused on what they should be which is here and now. Which tells me another thing that is they won’t likely make it to there and later. Ahh easy street, Stan spoke about it awhile back where all you had to do was wake up and count your money… wait a second, what’s that noise? Oh yeah the alarm clock moron, welcome to the real world.

Rounders are annoying. Hanging on so they can sell their souls at the lowest opportunity to the highest bidder. Like we need another rounder in our lives. I actually had a guy argue with me that I was stupid not to think of a way to sell our company and make millions “while it was hot”. You’re going to “lose it all and not get yours” he says.

Thanks for the tip Buffet.

Anyways, to the crux of this blog: the exit strategy tip. Get close to your computer, it’s a knock out revelation.

1. pick a job/career/hobby you are passionate about and good at
2. give that job 100% [every day & every play]
3. don’t worry about your exit strategy because you will make more passive and active income than you could have imagined.

Hands down the best way to get out then, is to be all in now.

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