Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Dash Between the Years

It is a reality that
  • there will be a day when each of us will no longer be around.
  • some of us will last longer and some (unfortunately) will have to leave earlier.
  • one thing we all have in common is that on our tombstone there will be dates listed from the day of the beginning to the day of the end.
  • those who will remember us, will remember us for the value of the line between those dates and that the line that seperates the dates is more than just a dash.

So, continually remind yourself that

  • it doesn't matter what you own...the cars, the house, the money you have, etc.
  • you have the ability to shape your future and what you choose to do.
  • you most likely have it better than majority of others in this world.
  • what will matter the most is how you spend the years seperated by that dash.

Take the time to think

  • long and hard if there are things that you would want to change?
  • of what you want to do with the people that you have in your life?
  • of who you want to say something to, before your time is done?
  • about goals and items that you wish to achieve before you die because you never know how long is left before the date after the dash.

And then ask yourself,

"Tomorrow, if my eulogy was being read, with my life's actions to rehash...would I be proud of what is being shared and how I spent that dash?"

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