Monday, January 15, 2007

defining "it"

an intangible word to many "it" is also very personal, happens at different moments, and represents different feelings. in that aspect alone, its an all encompassing marketing tool; is IT in you, just do IT, rock IT, fuck IT, let IT ride, work IT baby, you don't get IT etc.

to me, "it" is the moment where you step out from behind the shackles of oppression & self doubt to catch a glimpse of your true constitution. sounds ambiguous, but i will forever hold true to the belief that anyone can accomplish anything they want to if they really want to do it. that's right. anyone & anything.

and that's the defining point where you experience "IT"

forget about basket weaving 101 in secondary learning institutions, let's put IT101 in the curriculum instead. nevermind spending $372.45 for a meal out, spend $0 trying to understand "IT". and lets get rid of reality television [if its televised, and people know they are being filmed, its not "real"] and put on a show called Come and Get IT.

imagine what this world would look like if more peoople found and believed in their personal "IT'S". it would be a better place.


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