Saturday, January 13, 2007


My wife and I often talk about our friends and our relationships with these great people. One thing that easily comes up is when they last wrote or called, who called who last, whose turn it is and "they never write or call, so why would I call them." Life is too short to let this stand in the way of great friendships. I am fortunate to have a group of high school friends who have a unique relationship. There will be a flurry of emails in a two week stint and then nothing for 2 months. But when there is a reconnection, it was just like we left off...talking about old times, or "remember when..." sessions.

I was fortunate over the Christmas holidays to reconnect with people who I used to be paid to train, but who are now "GREAT FRIENDS". Some I would say are more than that - they have become mentors, pseudo-parents, sounding boards and more. These are people who I often lose touch with during the hecticness of life, but when there is a reconnection, there is a genuine interest in the life and events happening at a distance. Friendships are precious, they take a little effort, but they feed the soul. If you have a great friend who you have lost touch with - reach out to them. Plan a meeting - even if it is a year from now. Pick up the phone and call. Send them a note. Don't worry about whose turn it is, take the won't regret it.

On behalf of the Swimupstream crew - thanks to all our great friends!!!

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