Saturday, January 20, 2007

Generation _____________

Fill in the blanks:

XXL - Obesity at an all time high and only getting higher. Foods of choice - fries & gravy, pop, candy bars, chips - all empty calories. 26% of schools getting daily physical activity?? Full page spread in Sat. Globe & mail on our youth and their increasing health problems and girth.

Debt - Young people accumulating debt at a faster rate than any other generation - all with the justification that they are searching for happiness (thus not working jobs they don't like yet wearing designer this and designer that). If you missed the PBS special on this - you need to check it out.

Y - The children of us Gen X-er's --- but Y really should be written WHY - Why should I do this? Why should I do that? Why me? Why should I try? Why work, when everyone else will carry me? Why worry about the planet - no one else does, or I am not going to have to live with the damage? Why think for myself - when everyone else does it for me? Why move out - when my parents are paying for food and rent? Why save - when every credit card company or FAST CASH company will loan me money at 75% interest per minute (which I don't understand anyway).


Think about it fellow Gen X'er - look at what we are passing on to our kids. Obesity & Sloth, Gluttony and Complacency to name a few. Looks like a start to the Seven Deadly sins (Note: we have already talked about Greed, Envy at swimupstream!). Stopping the cycle starts with you...then with your kids. They will mimmick you! Just look at my 7 month old. I smile - she smiles. I eat squash - she eats squash. Simple really.

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