Wednesday, January 31, 2007

is it just a number?


A number...yes. But does that number represent the level of our intelligence, ability, mindset, happiness, success, or is it just a number?

As we all know, many people experience growing anxieties as they get older. And often, the main source of those anxieties is just that fact itself - they are growing older. With each passing birthday, each landmark age that we reach, we moan and groan. It is as though we have one eye on death, and are counting down to it with each passing year, fearing that we are running out of time. In truth, it doesn't really work that way, because we don't really know when we are going to die. In reality, it could be tomorrow. So, rather than complain that each passing year means we are closer to death, that we have one year less, shouldn't we rejoice that we survived death, that we have had one year more?

I am not saying that age doesn't bring with it certain physical and mental deteriorations...because it does. Obviously you can't run that fast anymore, climb the stairs that quickly, or finish your mental sums as promptly. But age should bring with it experience and wisdom, and an improved way of looking at the world.

And just because you are getting older, it does not mean that your quality of life will depreciate. It does not mean you must stop learning, and it certainly does not mean you have to be become less happy. Happiness levels are unrelated to age.

Therefore - seize the day, and live every moment. Your life is in your hands. And if there are certain things you had always wanted to do, but feel it is too late now, remember...

Better late than never, better now than later!


Anonymous said...

А так она сказала,что всё на месте и все хорошо. А размер ктр 7 мм.


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