Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh Yeah!

Do you remember the last time you were out with that great friend you have trouble staying in touch with? You know, the one who, every time you see each other, it always ends in "This was great. It's been too long. Why don't we do this more often?"

Yes, we've all been there, and despite any guilt we may have for not calling or keeping in touch as often as we should, that is not the point of today's entry. Today is about the great feeling you have in that person's presence. It's that, 'oh yeah, I forgot how good this is!' feeling wherein you forget how much invigoration you receive through interaction with certain people, travel to certain places, and engagement in certain activities.

Today is about setting yourself up for an unusually rewarding weekend through unusually simple and effective means. Let's look at some more 'oh yeah!' moments...

  1. Unstructured time. Wake up early (not too early, you deserve your rest) and drive somewhere you normally don't go. Grab a coffee, sit and relax, read the paper, people watch, have breakfast, do a little shopping, whatever comes to mind... just don't go with a plan or a budget of anything less than a few hours you can spend unstructured. If you have a family, plan some unstructured time at home together if this doesn't happen often enough to create a better sense of home and family.

  2. Nature. Hike, river raft or kayak, walk in the trails, see the forest, or ocean, or mountains or plains; whatever is close to you that you may have taken for granted.

  3. Nothing. Lie in bed for the first couple of hours with your spouse. Breakfast and coffee in bed, and enjoy each others' company. Talk about nothing, everything, something, and do nothing. Note: this is only rewarding if you are normally busy doing everything most of the time. If you are lazy, try # 2 instead of this one.

  4. Throw a get together. Invite your closest friends over, and have a great time just because you want to see your friends.

  5. Plan a vacation. It might be 2 years away based on time and budget, but decide today where you want to go on your next epic adventure, and plan it all - where you'll go, how much it will cost, and how long it will take you to save. then break that down and if it is $20 a day, put a 20 dollar bill into your shoebox, etc every day and then take it into a special high interest account you open that you never touch just for this vacation.

  6. Get a life by planning for death. Write out a list of all the goals you'd like to acheive before you die. Break it down according to type (family goals, business, physical/ health, financial, travel, etc). Pick one at a time and start hashing them out.

  7. Learn. see a foreign movie in a smaller theatre, read a book the store clerk recommends, try something to enhance your brain.

  8. Laugh. Go to a comedy festival, rent a stand up comic on DVD, have a family comedy night just for fun, plan a scavenger hunt full of insane concepts. Wear a Halloween costume to a nightclub in May.

  9. Listen. Visit your older relatives in a home, or visit older persons you don't even know and listen. Volunteer at a homeless shelter and listen. Listen to sick kids at the childrens hospital.

  10. Live. Realize that the tenth thing you can do different this weekend to make it special is anything at all. Break the rules, make the rules, do something different and realize that you NEVER have an excuse to say "I did nothing this weekend" unless you planned on it because you never do nothing.

Get busy living this weekend. And then Monday morning, realize that a new list will be coming your way shortly called "Oh Yeah!" for weekdays. Then you can get busy living all the time, and tell everyone you know how easy and fun it was.

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