Friday, January 12, 2007

the quest to be great

average is as close to the bottom as it is to the top and i'm tired of checking into the status quo of 'good'. e.g. "how was the day?"...... "good"

i want it to be GREAT! why not hey? see if for one year, i have what it takes.

the plan.

a) started out by writing down everything i wanted to do before i died. called it my b.i.d. goals.
b) searched readings on the "magic formula to greatnesss". (more to come on that)
c) decided i would institute a series of great habits that would act as daily precursors to helping me be great.
d) shared my findings and aspirations with those around me.
e) started trying to be great 1 day at a time.

lets dissect b: the "magic" formula for greatness.

i read multiple articles. studied prodigies, researches athletes, and the one trait they all had in common was the ability "to practice the their fundamental skills at a high level on a repeated basis". sounds easy, but its not. by nature, humans look for the path of least resistance and by nurture we are marketed to be instantly gratified. i would have to accept that being great is not just a sequence of highlight reals and news clippings.

i thought, what if those i worked with tried to be great too? how much would they benefit in their lives, hence benefitting us as an organization. LOTS. so, i started by asking the catch 22 question. do you want to be good or great? of course peoples ego's naturally funnel them to 'the best' answer (even if they don't know what it means). they all said great. then, it was about passing on the list, the articles, the mentality and the coaching.

how'd we do?

well, the road to greatness doesn't present like a downhill water slide. if it did, we would all be on it basking in the warm pool of water at the bottom with a cocktail in our hands. HOWEVER, we started taking steps. one person, and then two and slowly the realization that a transformation was happenning became obvious:

a) more personal accountabilty
b) more sharing and caring
c) less taking things personally and whining
d) more focus on the fundamentals and processes leading to succes.
e) more perspective on taking personal ownership
f) ** less bullshit around entitlement and not my jobbing it.

so, 12 days into the new year, we have a solid group of individuals aspiring to be great. we will see where that leads, yet not unlike the greats like tiger woods, pablo picasso & bill gates (to name a few) who execute the fundamentals at a consistent daily basis and have the foresight to re-invent themselves to remain 'on top', i will not be surprised if the 'magic' of greatness works.

what about you.

good or GREAT?

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