Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Seven Day Sights, Sounds, Speculations and Stargazing

Another great week but as always some rather interesting tidbits from the swim up stream world. As I write this I also feel it is time to clarify a little something about this blog as well. While I can’t totally confirm the observation I’m about to make, like many we have on the swim up stream world we will just use our strong intuition and gut feelings to address the situation.

I think that some of you may have the wrong idea about who we are and what we are trying to accomplish with this blog. We are not always correct. We are not trying to preach to you, convert you to a cult or even make you feel like we are better or worse than you are.

We are trying to put together thought provoking topics that may help energize our otherwise lethargic communities. An important point to us is that while we relate stories and concepts we re-instill them into our own personal psyches so that the messages are reinforced to us as much as anyone.

By writing these blog articles it helps us grow further and helps us move forward because that is what we are trying to do. Sometimes we don’t hit the nail on the head but on occasion we do. When we don’t we look back and grow from our mistakes and when we do we still look back and see where we could have maybe been even clearer or more positive. It is that simple.

The thing is we always revel in the fact that we accomplished another fine week and we always learn from having gone through the exercise. You could all maybe spend some time and write your thoughts down or at least ponder the world for just a few moments. Just start and pat yourself on the back for taking a moment alone at the very least.

We are all human and we want your feedback. The very fact you read some or all of the articles is a bonus for our personal growth. If anything moves you and you touch someone else that day then we are succeeding to build a stronger community through the messages. That is our long term goal. Help us build that community.

Onwards. So without further a do here are the sights, sounds, speculations and stargazings of the swim up stream world for this week.

I sat down this week and realized that if the world was 100% committed to everything they did we would all be living in an extremely efficient and incredible place. However as it stands we aren’t so I did some math based on what 99.9% compared to 100% meant for our various industries because I wanted to see if being committed entirely really made a difference. Here is what would happen if we committed only at 99.9% quality. Take a look at these numbers:

  • One hour of unsafe drinking water every month.
  • 1 unsafe landing at Vancouver International Airport each day.
  • 2,000 pieces of mail in Canada and 16000 pieces of mail in the U.S. lost per hour!
  • 20,000 incorrectly filled drug prescriptions every year in the U.S.
  • 50 incorrect surgical operations performed each week in Canada
  • 22,000 cheques deducted from the wrong accounts each hour in the U.S.!!!!

I hope you are coming to the same conclusion that I came to. When you do something you must be committed at 100% or else the results will fall substantially below your expectations. Whether love, work, time with the kids, or anything we plan to do, we must all decide to do it with all our heart as that seems to be the only way to truly succeed.

As we are on a math excursion today why don’t we just carry on with the trend. Here are some more interesting numbers and of course the editors comments to go with them.

  • I recently read that the average North American watches 6 hours of television a day. 6 hours! Even if that stat is 50% off, we are still looking at 3 hours of t.v. per day. Based on 6 hours a day at the age of 60 the average adult will have watched 15 years of television. Let’s add video games, surfing the net and watching movies into the pile so that all of you who think you are not wasting your time can think about what you would do with 15 years of extra time. What would you do? Write it down and then go do it.
  • A challenge to go with the above number. Watch one hour less of t.v. per day and do something with it. That is 365 hours of anything or roughly translated, about 9 weeks of something. What could you do with 9 weeks? I’m betting you could help change the world. Please email me back and tell me how you are coming with this challenge. If you can’t think of anything to do then pick up a book and start to read. It will make your life better. Guaranteed.
  • Email and cell phones have changed the way the world operates yet certain principles remain the same such as the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule roughly states that 80% of your success [in anything] comes from 20% of your activities. The average executive now spends between 2 and 4 hours per day answering emails. Taking the average of 3 hours that would mean that 783 hours a year are spent answering emails of which it is highly likely on 20% are worth their salt. Cut it in half and get back over two months worth of time! Do something with that time that makes the world a better place or at least makes us like you more because you’re happier….. Cell phones: I don’t know the stats but I bet it is higher and I bet the demographic most abusive of this particular devise is still in high school. I wonder what they aren’t learning while they are wasting two months of their life!

Now I tell you all this because I just took my first real holiday in about 3 years. No cell phone. No emails. No computer [except for the blog…]. I wouldn’t have gone but my Mummy told me to go or she would kill me. Seriously. My Mum made me go and take my family with me. I told you we write this blog as much to help ourselves as we do to impress upon the ever changing world that there is still hope and a way other than the norm.

Anyways, I looked into the stats and in 1997 the average employee took around 8 days of holidays per year. Not much really but hopefully we were maximizing the statutory days we were entitled to receive. In 2006 the average employee took just over 4 days holidays. A drop of 50%. The body needs to rejuvenate and the mind needs fresh settings to gather information. Plan your holidays now and make sure you take them. If your job is gone when you get back, you had the wrong boss and the wrong job anyways. If you don’t have a lot of money, go camping, go fishing, go to a friend’s house but go somewhere. I promise the results will astound you.

Well those are the Seven Day Sights, Sounds, Speculations and Stargazing from our wonderfully challenging swim up stream world.

Cheers as always.

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