Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sights, Sounds, Speculations and Stargazing

A Happy New Year to everyone and thank you all for reading our blogs over the last few months. We strive to help each other to continue thinking and asking questions of why we do the things we do so please comment and give us your thoughts whenever you have them as we are but a few that have committed ourselves to swimming up stream.

Without further a do here are some items that having made me think this week.

We really are our own worst enemy. I am currently on holiday in San Diego and for the life of me I am struggling to find healthy food choices. My family and I have walked miles and we are only able to find half decent salads on just a few menus. The normal fare is just caked with pizza, white flour pastas, breaded everything, and just about anything comes with more sauce to dip that lard into. Now here is the kicker. The size of every meal is huge; calorically huge as you might imagine but physically huge as well. I have yet to finish a salad here and can tell you that we are looked at as aliens when we order only a dinner salad. The businesses claim value and the people literally eat it up. It is a full scale calamity in my books. We are actually making it hard to stay physically fit.

In a related note the Heart and Stroke foundation just released a message suggesting that by their stats this latest generation will be the first generation to die prior to the generation that made them. Why? Diseases related to obesity.

When did shopping become a pastime? It seems to me that the meaning of going out as a family has become an outing to the outdoor strip mall. It just seems rather odd that most of the people look like they are buying clothes for the next time they will be seen – ironically, out shopping again. I can’t substantiate any of this but I challenge you to check out the mall and tell me what everyone is doing. Rarely you may see someone getting in and getting out. The rest are just ‘being’ at the mall. Not really quality time with the kids in my books.

Consumerism has reached such a high level that we believe the stuff we get at Wal-Mart is high quality if it cost more than the lowest price item in the same category. News flash; if it is plastic and costs more, it is still plastic and probably sucks. The same thing is happening to our television shows. There are 300 channels and now in order to put out a show the companies have to cut every effect, costume and acting budget to the bare bones. Welcome to the world of ‘b-movie’ television on every channel. Don’t worry and entire generation will think it’s great because the same stations that fire out this garbage are the ones who have the greatest depth in marketing it. Ever wonder how much someone who can’t sing makes on American Idol? Replace the actor with someone willing to make a fool of themselves for free and we can put out a bigger advertising campaign to draw in our faithful viewers. I’d rather have 20 channels and something to watch.

Having read some magazines on the airplane I realized that any of us could put out the next issue of one of the trendy fitness mags. It is only the cover that changes. How can they keep selling? Every issue tells me I can lose ten pounds in just ten days and yet I’ve never met anyone who has successfully accomplished this magazine assertion. Just more mindless garbage with maybe an article inside worth reading. Doesn’t it irk you that we as a population are so predictable?

Printing costs are so minimal now that anybody can make a magazine but saying something is still difficult so for this week I will take solace in that over the last year I have met many people thanks to this blog that actually don’t waste their words and actually say something of importance.

Thanks to all of you and I will be back again next week with my usual Seven Day Sights, Sounds, Speculations and Stargazing from our wonderfully challenging world.

Cheers for now and Happy New Years.

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