Sunday, January 21, 2007

trans am and the road of life

remember the highschool days where the kid a grade before you graduated, took up a trade, bought all the beer and drove his new trans am around the school yard? you'd be at a party when he'd stoll over and say, ya... college and university suck,
i'm 20 years old and making tons of money. suckers.

fast forward 15-20 years and you run into that guy again at a reunion, party or bar. same guy, same habits, same car. he'll likely come over to you in his drunken state and proclaim.

"i'm so proud of you, you made it out of here. you know, i knew you were smart. i got a dead end job, make the same money, hang with the same people, shit... i still drive the same car" "man, how did you do it".

3 words bra.


see, there are those who live for the moment, and that's cool but there's a need to plan for the future. this is a huge challenge for todays instantly gratified youth / society who have an unconscious incompetence of what life will be like for them then... if they maintain the attitude they have now. their inability to think long term, and accomplish things in a step by step fashion, will eventually catch up with them and could render their habits, lifestyles, and automobiles.


think : plan : execute : live.

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