Wednesday, January 17, 2007

what do others say?

Everyday the swimupstream group educates and shares a positive and educational message, a perspective and/or a lesson with anyone that wishes to read. The daily blog may touch on leadership perspectives, world events, or even daily thoughts to assist in moving readers lives and the lives of those around them forward. If the information and perspectives inside this blog help someone learn, gain the confidence or live a fraction of a measure of a better life, it has been a success.

Athough the information in this blog may go against the grain of conventional and contemporary thinking at times, most of the thoughts and persepctives that are delivered by the six of us are also communicated by many other successful leaders of today. These similar thoughts may not be verbalized in the same manner but many of the underlying messages are NOT a secret.

Below are some quotes from successul leaders of today's society that share similarities in beliefs of the swimupstream group AND are saying the saaammmmeee thing.

FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS NOT PROBLEMS – “I'm a positive thinker who does frequent reality checks. Negatives turn into positives, problems can be solved, things can turn around. The image of success is important, but even more important is the ability to focus on solutions instead of on problems.” - Donald Trump - Chairman, Trump Organization

FIND YOUR PASSION AND PUT 100% INTO IT- "For me, the past 20 years have been practice for tomorrow. Someone who's successful in any area has figured out at least two things: how to get the most out of themselves, and that attention to detail matters. Having a career that lasted that long in my sport explains the sort of personality that you have to have. You have to treat it as a marathon. You have to understand who you are and figure out a way to communicate it. It's about what pumps the blood through your veins, what makes you excited, what pushes your buttons. And then discovering the best way to communicate that, no matter how big or small; it's what you stand for, what you believe in, and what reflects who you are." – Andrez Agassiz - Professional tennis player

TEAMWORK - "Cooperation and conciliation and compromise and teamwork are all arts, and like all arts they require practice and commitment. In a complex world, success is not possible without teamwork." Malcolm Gladwell - Author, "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Make a Big Difference"

DON’T BE INTERESTING - BE INTERESTED - "If you want to have an interesting dinner conversation, be interested. If you want to have interesting things to write, be interested. If you want to meet interesting people, be interested in the people you meet -- their lives, their history, their story. Where are they from? How did they get here? What have they learned? By practicing the art of being interested, the majority of people can become fascinating teachers; nearly everyone has an interesting story to tell." – Jim Collins - Author, "Built to Last" and "Good to Great"

PRACTICE HUMILITY - "An important lesson I learned from my father, who was the first great leader I observed. He taught me that you have to keep your perspective and have a sense of humility. As he used to say, "Tell me what you brag about, and I'll tell you what you lack." - Carlos M. Gutierrez - Former chairman and CEO, Kellogg

BE HONEST - “You can't cheat an honest man. I don't know exactly why that is, but it's true for me. My honor is unquestioned in poker, and if you have perfect honor in poker, it's better than having it anywhere else in life because everyone remembers everything from 15 or 20 years ago. If you cheated then, they'll remember.” -
Phil Hellmuth – Poker world champion

HARD WORK OPENS DOORS - "My first boss -- he was the building superintendent, and I was a janitor -- watched me sweep floors and wash walls for almost a year before he mentioned that I could get tuition for college if I got a job with the phone company. When I asked him why he'd waited so long, he said, "I wanted to see if you were worth it. The message: Work hard, have high standards, and stick to your values, because somebody's always watching.” - Ivan Seidenberg - Chairman and CEO, Verizon

YOUR ATTITUDE IN ANYTHING IS YOUR ATTITUDE IN EVERYTHING - “Approach what you do as a leader, not a participant. I'm talking about life. It doesn't matter whether you are trying to run a huge company, your family, a church choir, or the Indian Princess outing at your kid's school. You will see that the most successful people are the ones who approach whatever they do with the mind-set and qualities of a leader.” -
George Shaheen - CEO, Siebel Systems

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SMARTER PEOPLE THAN YOURSELF – “Surround yourself with amazingly intelligent men and women. The people I work with not only are smarter than I am, possessing both intellectual and emotional intelligence, but also share my determination to succeed. I will not make an important decision without them.” - George Steinbrenner - Owner, New York Yankees

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