Monday, January 29, 2007

when the power goes off.

as much benefit as there is to all of technological advancements, the most obvious detractor is the fact that when the power goes off, we don't seem to know how to solve problems

there was something to be said about the pencil and paper method of recording that can't be 'felt' through syncing our blackberries to our laptops. i can take my i-river on a 5 day tip with me [if i want and need to listen to music)and plug new batteries into it to keep it going. conversely, the i-pod has a finite charge after which i need to plug it in... to what?

on 60 minutes last night, they spoke of computer chips in refrigerators that will create lists for us on when we are low on something. is this really necessary? shouldn't we be headed in the direction of attempting to engage MORE of our intellect rather than LESS?

it seems like all of these things cater to our desire to expend the least amount of energy possible as we work our day to day lives. well, i think the saying you get out of life what you put into it could be used as a useful warning that we should stop consuming this way.

refining, re-inventing, and recycling are great ways to keep us on the cutting edge of life, yet we must venture into this water with caution, otherwise when the power goes off... so too will our ability to function. i'm as big of a gadget guy as there is, yet i also know how to do long division.

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