Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why Does It Matter?

Sometimes when we have a lot on the go and life gets demanding, we tend to look for the easy way out (let's not kid ourselves- that's not the only time we look for the easy way out). We often ask ourselves "why does it all matter?"

The simple answer is because everyone is watching. Enter our latest customer service superstar, Beverly. Beverly is a manager at Thai Longh Noodle House in Calgary, Alberta, located on the NW corner of 17Ave, and 11 ST SW. The first time I met Beverly, she asked my name, and took time out of her busy day to chat and find out all about me. The next time I met her, she addressed me by name, and asked if I wanted the same things as last time. I tested her, and sure enough she got it right.

I've been back 3 times since (also I've sent 10 people there), and actually interviewed her last time. This is the point of today's entry... how someone from a completely different country speaks the exact same language when it comes to customer service. The interview will be laid out as Q (question), A (answer), and L (lesson)

Q: How many hours do you work each week, and how do you stay so positive?
A: I work 14 hours a day, 6 days a week... (and despite this)... I stay positive because it's not our customers' problem if I have a bad day. It's very important to customer service that we leave our personal problems at home.
L: If you work in customer service, it is your job to be 'on' all the time, and leave your problems at home.

Q: You must love what you do then?
A: I have my tough days but through positive self talk (almost there, just one more hour or this next customer could become a regular) and a positive attitude, there are no bad days.
L: We always have a choice in every situation, and regarding our attitudes. Positive mantras such as 'every day is a good day' help us see the good in any situation.

Q: What is the reward for such hard work?
A: The hard work is the reward, and even more rewards come from hard work. Before this, I had 2 full time jobs, and now I work hard because I make people happy, and the more people I make happy, the more happy people I deal with at work and the more I love my job.
L: Work hard, get rewarded.
L: When you give without expectation of reward, more comes back to you than you gave in the first place.

So perhaps from the above example, the previous entry on Lynnette, and what we reiterate every day here on swim upstream, we may be able to see more clearly that...
  • Service is an international language.
  • Life is simple. Do the right thing and be a good person, and life opens up with possibilities for you.
  • Combine your skill set with your interests and passions, and you will make more money (keep in mind I happy customer has sent her 10 more customers ijn 1 month)

This is not new. It has just been forgotten in our quick fix, easy answer society, but the good news is bringing more postivity to what you do every day actually is a quick fix, it is an easy answer, the challenge is just doing it consistently,....

but we think you're up for the challenge because now you know why it matters.

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