Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Best Toothpaste Ever

Kids are just perfect. They say what they feel and never waver. If they are upset they just break down in the middle of the super-market.

They haven’t learned to care what people think of them….yet.

I’ve learned a lot about myself after Henry, my son, was born. Mostly I’ve learned that every day is worth living at 100%. You see, Henry never takes a second off and when he decides he’s done, he just goes to sleep. Live hard, sleep hard; that’s his motto.

When did the vast majority of us stop living like this?

I am a very active guy but looking at my little heir I can’t help but think there is more I can fit in. I don’t mean activities either: I mean more great moments of 1000% attitude.

I’ll have to practice, as I challenge you to do also, so I can break some of the cycles and concepts that were set in early in my life but practice is what makes us better. For Henry he just does it. For Henry he is just plain ready to rock every day.

Do you want to get there? Do you want to have more inspired moments no matter what your day seems to have on offer? Then let’s all repeat after Henry [and every other three year old] and make 100% commitment a starting place for your new attitude…..

Get your toothbrush, look yourself in the eye, place the toothpaste on the brush and then start brushing. Right in the middle of your routine cleaning I want you to stop and yell at the top of your lungs, “This is the best toothpaste ever!” That is what I heard this morning at 6:30am and man did it make my morning fun. I'm learning to expect the unexpected.

Does anybody want to bet that they won’t feel just a little different and a little more present if they are yelling at themselves in mid-brush? Perhaps even in a better frame of mind.....

Attitude in about nine tenths of the law. Live life. Bring the right attitude every day and every play. You’ll have more fun and see things you never thought you would. Guaranteed.

I’m off to brush my teeth.

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