Saturday, February 24, 2007

Clearing Debt

North America is swamped with debt. Here are some stats that may astound you:

  • The average person has eight credit cards and owes over $13,000 which creates interest payments that eat families alive.
  • When polled , 97% of people are actually unsure of how much they really owe
  • The same number were unable to provide a reasonable answer as to how to solve their problem
  • Most people owe $1.19 for every $1 they earn
  • Money issues are the leading cause of divorce

I may be going out on a limb here but I think that there is a big connection between what we see and hear, and then consequently how we act.

Our governments are borrowing and lending while the marketing of consumer products has become so psychologically advanced that we have come to trust the marketing messages subconsciously. What happens is that our minds start to turn our “wants” into “needs”. People begin to need the latest car, the designer dress and need to look like the magazine covers. Blindly we follow.

Nobody looks at the consequences and due to our serious lack of economic education during our formative years we haven’t even got a clue the there really is a consequence to the buying actions.

Beyond the debt consequences here are just a very few things that happen when we stop questioning why we are doing something;

  • Personal image issues like anorexia become heightened because there is a perfect look we strive for
  • Consumer products become cheaper in price and quality because we are all buying the same things from the same “big box” stores
  • Traffic issues become normal as our image is attached to our products and thus we need to have our own cool car. The environmental issues here are a totally different topic but you can see some problems if we keep this up.

Tackling an issue like debt has far reaching positive results. By tackling debt I think you can wake up your should and mind to becoming the unique individual you were born to be. By tackling a subject that has a strangle hold on so many people you can break free of the traps that money can drag you into.

It isn’t a coincidence that most wealthy people have sought to create a better world rather than build their money. Tackle your debt issues, manage your money and then unleash the real you. Don’t be a sheep and blindly follow. Find out who you are meant to be and make sure the world finds out your purpose.

I truly believe that undoing the binds of consumer financing will help clear the view of your path towards happiness. It may seem like you are keying in on money but try to look at it like you are clearing a way for the real you to shine.

Learn to manage your money and you will be surprised at the other things you learn about yourself.

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