Saturday, February 03, 2007

could not imagine life without.


natures best form of humility, children are the tangible example of your ability to be selfless, patient, focused, involved and a whole slew of antonyms for the word self absorbed. we are glad we had them. we needed them to realize life was about more than 'us'.

there's nothing better than hearing an i love you from a little one as you are tucking them into bed, or seeing the excitement on their face as they master a new skill for the first time. really, even for the most hardened hard ass, it's enough to make you melt.

the point of today's blog is our blatant influence on our children. inevitably they will inherit the best and worse qualities we posses through our spoken words and examples. with that knowledge our need to showcase our best product becomes more than a criticism from our significant other. it becomes a paramount 'must'.

also. we HAVE TO understand our responsibility with respect to children, which is preparing them for survival in the real world. there is no doubt about the fact we are the SLOWEST species to do this. it stems from our emotional ability to "feel". deep down we only want the best for our kids, yet the reality of the world and learning experience is that there is sickness in health, poverty in wealth and defeat in victory. our kids MUST experience the formers of each in order to appreciate the latters.

if you are reading this as a parent, "think" about your greatest strengths and pass those on with pride. also, "think" about the actions you see in your kids that you don't like. chances are, that apple is laying pretty close to the tree. whether they want to or not, kids will seek out the same character traits as their parents, in their spouses and that's why its important to be genuinely happy with the person you are with at home.

if you are reading this as young adult, 'think' about how you can really learn about your relationships and BOOK A DATE WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS PARENTS. right there, you will likely see exactly what you are getting!

...better hope they are cool.

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