Monday, February 12, 2007

head of the class

today, a fellow swimupstream writer and myself are giving a Hire Me :
(Maximizing your earning potential by understanding what it takes to be a
great employee) seminar to 1500 students at a high school. appropriately,
it's like my life has come full circle.

back in 1987, i was tearing around our gymnasium, acting the usual fool when
a teacher stopped the class and took me up front. i respected this guy
immensely and as he started in on how much potential i had to be great, you
could have seen my smile for a country mile. yet as his speech went on, i
got the feeling i wasn't being exemplified for my positive behavior, rather
i was being exemplified for how you can die with potential if you don't
apply it.

i'm from a small town, where secrets were no more than fables on a get smart tv show. everyone knew everyone else's business and this guy saw through me
like a food in saran wrap. his clever pump up beginning quickly turned into
a lengthy berating in front of the entire class, but it was done in such a
way that i couldn't get out of it (hard to explain). i think it was because
he actually cared and he was genuinely disappointed that made me nod my head and comply with his direction.

after the speech, fell a long silence. i found myself in front of the entire
class looking at the fork in the road. i could take a left and tell him to
fuck off, or i could take a right and learn how to take personal accountability.

as i stand once again, in front of classmates and peers, i will be excited to recant the decision i took and can only hope they will make the same choice. let you know how it went on friday!

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