Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Higher Order of Thinking (H.O.T.) Part 3

Two weeks ago we laid out 11 stages of thinking, rationalizing, acting, basically stages of living and leading yourself. To recap, the 11 levels of thinking we identified are;
  1. Need Now: The lowest level on Maslow's Pyramid of needs. Basically, the way a baby cries for a bottle, or a toddler wants their mommy and doesn;t stop to think that they are blue in the face and whaling at the top of their lungs in Wal-Mart.
  2. Want Now: Selfish, "me, me, me" attitude combined with a hint of what they actually may want. No idea where they are headed because they are focused on the now.
  3. Not Now: As these spoiled kids get older, and responsibility hits them in the form of their first job, or chores, etc... the first reaction is often to shirk away from that responsibility.
  4. What Now?: "I have a job" or "I went to school", now what? This is that wonderful transitional period when children become adults because they stop doing what they were told, and start identifying for themselves what they want out of life.
  5. Why Now?: This is the fighting getting older/ responsibility/ having to think on their own stage. Much like the "not now' stage, only you have more money and can do more damage to yourself without any direction.
  6. Right Now: Once they truly know where they want to go, this is the first step towards truly growing up and maturing- seizing opportunities and getting busy living because it is what they want.
  7. More Now: This is where we start to increase our acheivement, desire, and effectiveness by implementing more/ better time management strategies, we improve our skill sets, and we allow ourselves to want more out life.
  8. Share Now: This is where we become less selfish and we share what we know, and where we are headed, with those who are important to us.
  9. Love Now: This is the stage of life that not everybody hits (but we hope that you do) wherein you know who you love, what you are passionate about, and why it is good to be you.
  10. Mentor Now: This is where we take the love of what we do and combine it with humility as we teach others to do the same and pass their teachings on. It is about affecting change within the world you live in.
  11. Leave Now: This is the final chapter of our evolvement- self actualization. As a matter of fact, this stage is often not complete until after we are dead, because the key to this stage- is legacy. Leaving a legacy at your job, within your home and community at large, and in the world... making it all better than you left it.

Today we are discussing "Want Now" mentality. People in the Want Now stage never see past their own wants and perceived needs. They are unable/ unwilling to consider another person's point of view, and when push comes to shove, a different viewpoint that conflicts with theirs will be considered 'wrong' by a Want Now thinker.

The one good thing about a Want Now thinker is that they make great allies if your wants are aligned. If there is any misunderstanding, however, remember that to a Want Now thinker, their opinion is more important than yours.

People will stay in this mode of thinking until they have hit the brick wall enough times by not getting their way. At that point, their selfishness will prompt them to try other means to get what they want. The danger then, is that someone may graduate from Want Now to Not Now or even What Now, but if they do not address the selfishness that held them in the Want Now stage for so long, they are apt to return here sooner rather than later.

Only when these slef-interested individuals truly embrace a more caring perspective can they leave the shackles of "Want Now" behind. Then they are ready to move on with their lives....

So are we: next week we will cover Not Now mentality and how it may still affect your life.

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