Sunday, February 04, 2007

It Takes Two Wings To Soar

I heard a saying on the radio yesterday that said “a bird can’t fly without two wings”. I don’t know if it a proverb or a well known saying because it was the first time I have heard it, but it caught me at the right time (strange how a simple saying can immediately change the outlook of your day, week, and life) and spread the seed of thought. Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply live by this saying in every sphere of our lives? All too often humans are flying in circles as one wing pumps much harder than the others leaving us to put way too much effort in the achievement of tasks. Let’s put this saying into simple areas of life where we often put in too much work with little return, or ignore one sphere therefore making us a less complete person.

We are all goal oriented people, meaning we have an idea and work towards achieving it. Physically we want to lose weight, run a 5k, be more active, etc. We work hard in specializing in one area and either 1) force success that we are unsatisfied with, 2) become distracted and move into a new goal, or 3) quit. In essence we are pumping too hard with one wing, therefore making the journey harder then it would have been if we just used the other wing to help us along the way.

In a single day we run through a wide range of emotions, often getting stuck in either extreme of joy or sorrow. We stick with that emotion and let it dictate not only our day, but also how we deal with the people we interact with. When things are going great we use that wing to push us through our day and everyone thinks we are great. When things are going bad we push that wing to damage not only ourselves, but those around us as well (therefore becoming the jerk that everyone thinks we are). When we get stuck in either emotion, any emotion for that mater, we ignore the other emotions around us that either have the potential to bring us back down to earth or raise us up from a simple bad mood. In essence we don’t use both wings that make us emotionally “well grounded”.

Using one wing socially only allows us to see one side of any relationship. Personally we only attach to the people we are comfortable with, therefore ignoring our ability to influence and better ourselves and those around us. Politically we associate with only one agenda, therefore pushing a cause that at best 50% of the people really agree with (15% of Americans have never heard of global warning, let alone have an opinion on it). By ignoring the ideas of the other side we are in constant conflict which causes us to fly in circles until ultimately nothing is achieved. Personally and politically we only learn from one side, usually those that we agree with, so what are you really learning? How are you really advancing?

The beauty of birds is that they soar. They use resistance to their advantage by making it their advocacy. When the resistance gets too great they use those around them to make a formation, which ultimately makes their lives easier.

Embrace your resistance, use those around you to become a better person, and use both wings to soar.

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