Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Must For Success

All of the people that I follow and many of my friends, at least the ones I seem to keep in touch with, seem to have one thing in common.

It isn’t a technical ability that is earth shattering, although some posses great skill in their chosen realms.

It isn’t necessarily a positive outlook on life as sometimes these people have bad days like you and I.

It isn’t money as many of these people would do what they are doing for merely food and shelter.

The one thing that seems to tie the brilliant people I try to align myself with is their undying passion for what they commit to.

Passion. An underlying love for what they work and live with every day.

From music to business, health to sport, the topic doesn’t make a difference. These people are pumped up to talk about what they love and it makes them great to be around.

What are you passionate about? Is there a way that you can tie that love to a pay check? Would that make your life better?

This isn’t a challenge but it is a personal hope for the world. I’d like everyone to live their passion so they can have a great life. Take a look and see if you are matched up with the right job, partner or even hobbies. If you aren’t then maybe it is time to take the leap and look within to find out what your fire is burning for.

I personally guarantee that there will be fewer dog-days and more great sunsets.

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