Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh Yeah! For Weekdays

On the heels of what was hopefully a successful weekend (read Oh Yeah! entry Jan 27th), it is time to look at a few ways we can apply the 'get busy living' mentality to our Monday to Friday life; in short, it's time to actually live seven days a week!

The following are ten tips to maximize a few hours or even a few minutes during your work week so that you can create better balance, well-being, and enjoyment out of your life. Basically, we want you to separate from the herd and not have to wairt until the weekends to 'live'.

  1. "Random Tuesday": doesn't have to be a Tuesday, but take a random day off during the week and live that day to the fullest for yourself and those close to you. Don't call in sick to acheive this; be up front with your employer and then you don't have to sneak around.
  2. Ride, run, or walk to and from work: even once, but doing this will make you more mentally aware when you arrive, and change your perspective for the day. This will also help bring greater balance to your life, and we know that the more active you are, the healthier and often the happier you are.
  3. Prioritize your friends: Set weekly appointments/ get togethers with your best friends to ensure you stay in touch. These interactions always leave us refreshed and more fulfilled, and months can go by without seeing each other if we don't make it a priority.
  4. Make a 'date night': If you are married with kids, set a night a week you hire a babysitter so that you spend time with your spouse. Many divorces occur after the kids move out because parents realize that their relationship has dwindled due to lack of attention, and they become nothing more than co-parents. Know this ahead of time and make it a priority to actively take steps to flourishing your most important relationship.
  5. Have an 'activity night': Take turns having each member of the family pick a board game, card game, or movie to watch as a family. Pick the same night each week to show that family time is a priority. If something big comes up, try to reschedule for the same week.
  6. Dinner for one?: If you are single, chances are that you only take the time to cook a really nice meal when you have friends over or a date. Don't you deserve a treat? Get all the groceries you need to cook your favorite meal tonight, and then tomorrow get cooking your favorite meal just because you deserve it.
  7. Take the time: if you live near a river, mountains, park, the sea, or a beautiful oustretch of grasst plains... identify the most beaustiful landmark that is within walking distance to your work, and visit regularly. If it is a short drive, also make this trip a regularity of your schedule.
  8. Write it down: keep a journal of your thoughts, feelings, and the accomplishmentsa you had during the day. Write down any time you try something new like these strategies, and be sure to record in that diary or journal what happened, what you acheived, and how it made you feel. This is important because the rat race often makes us 'forget' how easy it is to actually lead a more fulfilling life because we just get busy again.
  9. Break the rules: Create a list of your established routines (not just the rules at work but the routines YOU chose to adopt). Do the opposite or at least an alternate to every single one for an entire day. As above, write down how liberated and different you felt, and you also might come across a new habit that works better than what you have been practicing.
  10. Go back to the rat race: Take every peice of advice from #1 - #9 above, see that your life can be better, and then on purpose go back 100% to the 'old ways'. Again, write down how it makes you feel, and what, why, and how you'd like to implement any changes.

    This stuff really works folks, but it takes 2 things...
  • Trust: in that there will be a positive outcome if you do things as they are laid out to you (not just here but in terms of systems at work, etc).
  • Effort: give all the above suggestions 100% effort- if it takes 10 weeks to try them all because you can only commit 1 day a week, that's fine- it still may result in meaningful life changes in 10 weeks instead of being further from your goals; further from greater hapiness in 10 weeks.

Best of luck, and now with today's and this past Saturday's entry, you have no excuse but to get busy living 7 days a week!

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