Monday, February 19, 2007

the reality is : we are NOT equals.

not in opportunities
not in capabilities
not in intellect
not in experience
not in physical abilities

instead of pretending we are for the sake of establishing some kind of 'even' playing field, how about we celebrate the fact we are NOT equals and seek to understand how the end result is completely based on the sum of its parts.

i stink at mathematics and guess what. i shouldn't & don't have the opportunity to be an accountant. not to fill a male accountant quota, not because i am of a fraction (small) of african american decent, and not because i tried really really hard. if i took a test, i would come LAST. read that L.A.S.T. not, "needs work", not "great attitude", not "should advance to the next grade", and not the green ribbon.... coal in stocking. potato on plate. goose egg on paper.

in the real world, there is a first and there is a last and those two realities are so far away from 50%, C+ and status quo that by the time many of us realize that, its too late and we have a hard time coping. i didn't make my high school hockey team because i wasn't good enough. it sucked for me, it hurt my feelings, but it made me try harder and be a better player in other sports where i did excel. my parents didn't sprint to the coach and demand i play and they certainly didn't play any inequality trump cards. i sucked at that particular sport.

for 10 years i have run a successful business, and it floors me the way people come in, see what is in front of them and believe there is an entitlement to earn, talk to and treat me as their equal. you are not my equal. listen 10 times as much as you speak and perhaps one day you will make it there (and i am not being cocky).

for 6 years i have been a parent of 2 kids. on occasion, they will forget that my responsibility to them in to be the rule maker. until they have a foundation of knowledge and / or experience that can allow them to understand what they are negotiating for, they don't have that privilege. it's my way and i & they better hope to hell i have got my shit together.

and for 35 years i have been my own person in a system of individuals called the human race. i didn't smoke when others lit up, i stole when others were honest, i played sports when others goofed off and i shit disturbed when others were paying attention. but i can cling to one definitive claim to fame.

i NEVER aspired to be equal to others. a) it's not realistic and b) i didn't lack ambition.

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