Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well the normal program for Tuesday morning has been interrupted because I just have to get this out. So we will take a break from the Seven Day Sights, Sounds, Speculations and Stargazing and come back next week with a strong effort.

This morning I want to just speak to responsibility. Yesterday I had the pleasure of going back to high school to try and give back to our youth. Just talk to them about all the mistakes I’ve learned from and teach them a little about responsibility for their future. It is a simple message but one that rarely makes its way into a jam packed school curriculum.

What disturbed me yesterday was the apathy of the teachers and not the students at all. In fact the students made me as excited as ever. For the most part they were just bubbling with energy and it gave me a real buzz to talk to them. The teachers; they were mostly a bunch of whiners. I’m sorry and I know its taboo to talk about the people that care for our children but each one I talked to had someone or something to blame. It was as if the subject of our speech opened up a floodgate of telling us how others need to take responsibility. All I could think was, “You’re whining about something in here but really that all you are doing. Just whining.” No action. Just blame.

I came across a teacher that told me she was upset that it had become her responsibility to teach kids about being hired and what it took to become a great employee. She felt it wasn’t her responsibility. I agreed.

She then went on to declare that she felt that all teachers had to take over for parents responsibilities. I then disagreed.

I explained that the education of our youth, whether at school or at home, needed to help students realize their responsibility to putting 100% into anything they do and taking full responsibility for their actions. I told her that was what she signed up for. She signed up to give her best so the students had the greatest opportunity to succeed.

True it wasn’t her responsibility to do the job of the parents and actually it isn’t a parent’s responsibility to make sure their children get a job; it is the students.

But it is our responsibility to put 100% into our life and our job rather than blame everyone else for our circumstances.

Don’t you think if we took responsibility for everything we could control we’d all be a lot happier?

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