Friday, February 02, 2007

the secret

unsure how many of you have watched this movie, but highly recommend it.
in a nutshell, its a great example of the power of attraction, meaning your mind (which controls your behavior) sets the tone for the direction & actions you will take pertaining to a given topic and / or on a daily basis.

skeptics will comment that its a little 'airy fairy',yet as the secret states, that's precisely why they remain skeptics. in fact, they will seek skeptical occurrences and ultimately ensure they are right.

we are all firm believers that anyone can accomplish anything. daily, we attempt to remove the stigma's associated with thinking otherwise. as i logged onto the swimupstream directory last night to preview the history it was unbelievable to see the reach this blog has had.

starting with 14 viewers / day in a demographic of vancouver in december, we have had people log on from australia, africa, all throughout europe, mexico and south america (not to mention a large volume in california and the eastern seaboard of the usa), we have reached up to 167 hits in a single day from all around the world.

we think that's amazing, yet will proudly say that we are not surprised. our secret if you will is aligning ourselves with like minded people who (on par) agree with the main message of empowerment we are delivering. we will continue to fill this void daily and are working on increasing the ease with which you can receive the swimupstream message. we are also in the process of presenting some helpful advise and tools you can chose to use or not use, to continually make you better.

so thanks for tuning in and at the same time - stay tuned.

we are really just getting started!

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