Friday, February 23, 2007

to all people under 25

the world does not revolve around you.

i know, this information is contradictory to everything you have seen & heard, but it's really important that you understand the statement so YOU do not come crashing down when the lights fade.

ex. bald brittany spears. need we say more. that woman has to go all the way back and start again, with two ill equipped children in tow who will be brought up through money instead of mommy.

we had a person email us her notice last night. "sorry, i just can't handle it and i think its best if i just quit now". imagine, 40 or so years ago, her grandfather sending his notice in on a piece of paper. what would have happened to him?

(that's tar & feathers by the way)

to all young people under 25, don't ever email in a resignation. in fact, since some of you have never been taught "how to" leave a job, that's going to be monday's blog, but it ties in nicely with today's topic "ITS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU".

get over yourselves.
you are not special.
learn what the words integrity & responsibility entail.
do not continue to be so inwardly focused.
selfish is a lonely place... long term.

this isn't a rant, because we will get over your absence faster than you will. however you will take this same attitude, into your next job, relationship, interaction etc. and get walloped there too (and by the way don't put my name down for a reference)

sure, you think its 'easy peasy', and other friends, owners & people will embrace you just like we did (initially), but like a one year old tea bag, you will begin to lose your flavor and it will happen quicker and quicker each time until you realize its YOU who has to adapt to the realities of the world and not vice versa.

now, for all those GREAT young people out there (and there are 'some'), keep doing what you are doing, because compared to your counterparts, the world is your oyster for the simple reason that YOU are flowing with it, instead of believing it is contingent on you.

and if you love health and fitness, we have a few openings!

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